The War Of The World War II

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Historically, the World War II is considered to be the most bloody and brutal military conflict in mankind history. Furthermore, it is the only war in which there was use of nuclear weapons by Americans against Japanese in 1945. In fact, it was fought by 61 countries. Start and end dates of the war September 1, 1939 and September 2, 1945, which are among the most significant dates for the entire civilized world. World War II began because of the imbalance of power on the planet and the problems that had arisen as a result of the First World War, particularly disagreement on the issue of territories. Those who won the First World War such as USA, England, and France signed Treaty of Versailles which was not good but humiliating for the…show more content…
For example, the famous English historian and military theorist John Fuller unequivocally calls the conquest of Lebensraum as the main reason the Nazis attack on the Soviet Union in his book "The Second World War, 1939-1945.", which was published in London in 1948: "Why, then, Hitler did not see in alliance with Russia, which could be concluded even a few years before, a much more reliable guarantee against the war on two fronts? The answer is given in the 14th chapter of the second volume ’Mein Kampf’. Here Hitler expresses his theory of living space so clearly and in detail that it really surprises: why Hitler invaded Russia? ". However, the representation of Hitler as the main author of hundreds of millions of victims in the Second World War, is clearly not satisfied with the anti-Soviet forces of the West, under whose influence in the sixties began creeping revision of the fundamental provisions of the Nuremberg judgment associated with changes in motivation, which explains the reason for the attack on Soviet Union by the Nazis. In this case, military-strategic situation that developed by June 1941 was exposed to the forefront and allegedly fraught with the potential aggression of the foreign policy of the Soviet Union in the pre-war period but not programmatic positions of Nazi concepts of that
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