The War Of The World War II

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Historically, the World War II is considered to be the most bloody and brutal military conflict in mankind history. Furthermore, it is the only war in which there was use of nuclear weapons by Americans against Japanese in 1945. In fact, it was fought by 61 countries. Start and end dates of the war September 1, 1939 and September 2, 1945, which are among the most significant dates for the entire civilized world.
World War II began because of the imbalance of power on the planet and the problems that had arisen as a result of the First World War, particularly disagreement on the issue of territories. Those who won the First World War such as USA, England, and France signed Treaty of Versailles which was not good but humiliating for the losing countries, especially for Turkey and Germany, the conditions that influenced on the increase of tension in the region and subsequently in the world. At the same time, the policy of appeasement of Germany adopted in the late 1930s by Britain and France made it possible to dramatically increase its power and military capabilities, which accelerated the transition of the Nazis to active hostilities.
After the end of World War II and until the end of the fifties it was generally accepted that Hitler 's decision to attack the Soviet Union was the result of the implementation of its ideological program aimed at conquering Lebensraum (Living Space). The basis for this conclusion is the material of the Nuremberg trials, the indictment which…

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