The War Of The World War II

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In 1914, a war began that would turn into one of the deadliest combats in all of human history. A war that was fought between two alliances named the Triple Entente, consisting of Russia, France and Great Britain, and the Triple Alliance, which consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. One of the reasons the war was so deadly was because many of the commanders and generals did not develop the tactics at the rate at which the weapons had progressed. Artillery and Machine Guns would decimate anyone who came over the edge of a trench, leading to millions of deaths. The old style of face-to-face trading fire combat had become obsolete due to the invention of the automatic and semi-automatic weapon. A single gun could now kill or injure…show more content…
It would cause burning of the throat and lungs, and would blind the soldiers. As many of the French troops fell back due to the gas, the Canadian troops had a genius idea. They urinated into cloths and handkerchiefs in order to neutralize the Chlorine Gas. Although the attack created an 8-kilometer long gap in the defensive line, the Germans did not advance through it, since it was partially defended by the Canadian troops. The Canadians gave the British reinforcements time to help fill in the gap, although it was thinly defended. The Canadian troops managed to hold their ground and keep the enemy troops from advancing. In the third Battle of Ypres, also known as Passchendaele, a new and even deadlier gas was introduced. The gas that is commonly called Mustard Gas was used for the first time by German forces on the Allied forces. Mustard gas was very potent and would cause effects that could last for days. Throughout the war, poison gas was used very effectively, with many tens of thousands of troops dying from its effect. Santos 3 During the war, many of the soldiers that were forced to go above the edge of the trenches were injured or killed. The strategy of charging the enemy was extremely ineffective because of 2 weapons, the Machine Gun and Artillery. Many of the Generals never thought to change up the tactics, and with Machine Guns ready to fire on troops coming over the edge,
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