The War Of Vietnam : Tim O ' Brien

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The war of Vietnam played a significant role in Tim O’Brien’s life throughout his works and experiences. He was drafted to the Vietnam war after graduating college in 1968 where he served two years. O’Brien wrote the novel The Things They Carried after returning from the war as a way to clear off his mind from the experiences he went through. In the novel he constructed many memories that may or may not be true, but are told using imagination as a guide to explore the mind of the readers. O’Brien used his novel to liberate his many occurrences he faced and dealt with throughout his journey. In an interview with Michael Coffey on Patrick Smith’s article O’Brien states, “My goal was to write something utterly convincing but without any rules as to what’s real and made up…” (97). Tim O’Brien uses imagination to establish a therapy within his writing as a way to cope with reality based on his war transition, allusions, and stories to save him.
Soldiers may not always be prepared to return to their civilian life after witnessing danger and casualties while being away. Some seemed to deal with it by keeping their mind busy with pastime activities such as writing, while others just cannot imagine a future after. Tim O’Brien is one of the people who found writing as a way to exercise the mind and break free. The Things They Carried is considered to be O’Brien’s way to release his memories and stories in order to move on with life. He is now forty-three years old and still writes
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