The War Of World War I

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World War One, also known as the First Word War, The Great War and The War To End All Wars took place in Europe from 1914 to 1918. Being a soldier In World War One would have been one of the most dangerous, yet exciting things that a man could have ever done. The war would have put a tremendous amount of physical demands on soldiers, and yet they had to keep fighting even though deep down they knew that they were only small when compared to the grand scheme of war. World War One consisted of three fronts. The Western Front was trench warfare and it was fought on the boards of France. The Eastern Front was fought on the boarder of Russia, this was a war of movement. Gallipoli was on the Dardanelles peninsula and in the foothills of Ottoman Empire now known as Turkey.
The demands placed on soldiers in World War One was astonishing. Soldiers were required to be physically fit, as well as mentally stable, to be able to endure such unspeakable conditions. All the soldiers had to come to terms with life in the trenches, including the horrifying stench of rotting bodies. Men must have suffered seeing dead and dying bodies strewn all over the battlefields, some of which would have been their friends and possibly family. Petr Mikhin who was an artillery man serving on the Eastern Front, alludes to soldiers’ sufferings when he says, “The swollen, decomposing bodies of soldiers were all around. Among them were also the corpses of our men, who had fallen there just recently.” . Another
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