The War Of World War I

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Although all countries should be blamed for World War I, Germany did the most to provoke the war to its extremes by attempting to send the Zimmerman Telegram to Mexico, which would result in conflict with the United States of America. In 1917, Germany attempted to send the Zimmerman Telegram to Mexico, which would try to persuade them in joining their side of the war by promising them they would help Mexico take back the territory and states they had lost in the Mexican American War that occurred from 1846 to 1848. Since Mexico had lost around a third of their territory from the Mexican Cession including Texas, New Mexico, and California, where gold was discovered shortly after it was appropriated, the offer from Germany would have been too good to ignore. Nevertheless, British cryptographers had intercepted the secret message before it was able to reach Mexico and showed it to America. The Zimmerman Telegram spurred outraged Americans to join the war against Germany on April 6, 1917 on the Allies’ side because they were angry that Germany would pull such a deal behind their backs.The boost of America joining the Allies’ side refreshed the Allies’ morale to resume their ceaseless warfare and the war became more extreme with the addition of the powerful nation (Lecture, 12/3/14). America’s steel industry dominated any other country in size, so they were able to provide tons of weapons and ammunition like machine guns and tanks for the Allies. With the addition of America…

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