The War Of World War II

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World War II was a period in history which contained a motley of quarrels and conflicts. General Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower played a significant role in the theatre of World War II. In the conflict, General Eisenhower served not only as a 5 star general in the the United States Army, but also served as the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe. As a _____ leader, General Eisenhower coined the historical term “military-industrial complex”, and also led several pivotal conflicts(??) throughout the course of the war, some of which include the invasion of North Africa in Operation Torch (1942-1943) and the invasion of France and Germany from the Western Front in Operation Overlord (AKA D-Day). Throughout the course of World War…show more content…
Arnold, travelled to London to survey Major General James E. Chaney’s command in the European Theatre of Operations. After the survey, General Eisenhower returned to the United States on June 3, 1942 with a pessimistic review of Chaney’s command in Europe. Thus, on June 23, 1942, General Eisenhower returned to London and replaced Chaney as the commanding general of the European Theatre of Operations. Later, in November 1942, General Eisenhower was appointed as the Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force of the North African Theatre of Operations through the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force. In North Africa, General Eisenhower led an operation titled “Operation Torch”, which was planned underground in the Rock of Gibraltar. In order for Operation Torch to be successful, General Eisenhower believed that his force needed French assistance and cooperation. Thus, Eisenhower assigned François Darlan to help move a force into Tunisia in order to encounter the rival factions, or the factions under Nazi German control, in France. However, Darlan was considered generally unpopular among Americans, as Darlan had previously held a high office position in Vichy France, which was a part of France which aimed to please German demands, so General Eisenhower’s appointment of Darlan was not favorable among the general public. Later, in December 1942, when Darlan was assassinated, General Eisenhower took no extrajudicial
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