The War On Drug War

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“Over 40 year ago president nixon, Declared Drug abuse public enemy number one, starting an unprecedented global Campaign, the war on drug.
Today the number are in the war on drug is a huge failure with devastated unintended consequences, it lead to mass incarceration in the us, to corruption, to political destabilization, and violence in latin america, asia, and africa. To systemic human right abuse across the world.”-Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

The drug war is an all out war between drug cartels, and the governments of the usa and mexico. It has been going for more than 40 year, but it has been a things since the nineteenth century since drug was trafficked from one place to another. In the 1960s drug was a common thing in usa whether legal or not it was a for form symbol for many from rebellion toward the government, social upheaval and even political dissent until the 1971s when it became a bit harder to obtain the drug because of the many laws that came when nixon became president.
The drug war has caused many problem problem in many countries especially in mexico where the heat of the problem has come to be from raging war between the government of mexico and drug cartels, from many cities not being safe because of the constant violence throughout the country to economic disruption and more. More than 164,000 people had died between 2007 and 2014 because of the drug war in mexico, more than the iraq and afghanistan war zones combine. Because of the drug war…

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