The War On Drugs : A New Us National Security Doctrine

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The enlargement of the concept of security has meant that other issues, additional to ones outlined by the traditional definition, are included in it’s conceptualization. This means that the concept of security has grown to include environmental, economic, and social issues of security which have a big effect on how security is understood in general. Within the domain of social issues, they can be further broken down to include things like the war on drugs, which as a social issue has had a unique effect on the security agenda of states. The modern war on drugs began in the 1970’s when Nixon declared it a nation wide problem and began to focus on both the supply and demand aspects of drug use. As a geo-political problem the war on drugs can be explained in two ways. The first way, as outlined in Waltraud Morales’s article The War on Drugs: a New US National Security Doctrine? explores how the United States uses the war on drugs as a front, but the reality of their ‘war‘ is to continue the sphere of influence in their national security doctrines that was present in the era of communism. According to Morales “anticommunism has functioned as an ideology and a secular region which has legitimized both legal and illegal, moral and immoral acts of foreign policy in the cause of national survival - the protection of democracy and the American way of life” (147), but since the anticommunism discourse has lost traction in recent years, especially since the end of the cold war,
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