The War On Drugs And America 's Drug Problem

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Samuel Spitz
D Block
The War on Drugs Based on the success and failures of the drug policies of the past, what is the best strategy for the United States to implement to help America’s drug problem? Throughout time, United States drug policy has shifted dramatically. From all drugs being legal to Prohibition and the War on Drugs, the US has had conflicting ideas about what is best for society and American citizens when it comes to drugs. The current War on Drugs has resulted in countless arrests and years served in prison, and has disproportionately hurt minority communities, only to result in largely unchanged use and death rates for illicit substances. Marijuana, Heroin, and Cocaine have all become cheaper and more pure since the start of the War on Drugs, and party drugs like ecstasy are on the rise. In order to make society a safer and more enjoyable place for all US citizens, the question becomes: is the current strategy with the War on Drugs working? And if not, what would be better? Considering the failure of prohibition, and the mass incarceration, capital spent, and deaths as a result of the War on Drugs, all without decreasing drug use rates, the best strategy for the United States to implement is the legalization of safer drugs like Marijuana, while providing “shoot-up rooms” for addicts of more dangerous drugs like Heroin. Although early US drug policy was more friendly towards drugs, the country moved towards the punitive and harsh attitude…

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