The War On Drugs And Its Effect On Society

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Humans have the tendency to wage war on anything which they thing has a negative Fulsy 7

effect on their society or which may affect their way of life. Before the 19th century, alcohol was considered a product of religious relevance and individualistic satisfaction, but latter people realized it was being abused and in 1914 the Narcotics Tax Act was introduce. And later the 18 amendment was introduced prohibiting the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol with exception to religious or medical use. This can be said to be the beginning of the “war on drugs.” A drug is a medicine or substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduce into the body. Example of some drugs include alcohol, marijuana,
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Democrats on the other hand refuted these claims saying that it was a witch hunt against African Americans and their leaders. Others claimed that Nixon was using the war on drugs as a way to distract the nation from the things which were happening in his administration such as the Vietnam War and also the scandals and allegations which surrounded him. Despite what the motives may have been, the war on drugs led to an increase in incarceration, especially among African Americans, and by so doing many families where destroyed and many African American children ended without families and had to depend on gangs for shelter and protection. This widely increased the crime rates since many people where unemployed. Christina Johns in her article clearly articulates that the war on drugs was clearly a distraction from reality, a reality which was the abonnement and neglect of minorities by the government. Johns explains that the Johns, Christina. "The War on Drugs: Why the Administration Continues to Pursue a Policy of Criminalization and Enforcement." Social Justice 18, no. 4 (46) (1991): 147-65. war on drugs was actually a war on the minority population of Americans and this war was effectively executed as many minorities today can barely get a job or even have an admission to schools because they have a history of addiction. Therefore the so called war on drugs initiated by the Nixon presidency was a failure.
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