The War On Drugs And Its Effects On America

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Over 45 years ago, U.S. President Richard Nixon declared drug abuse public enemy number one, initiating an unprecedented global campaign, the War on Drugs. Today, the War on Drugs is a huge failure, with devastating unintended consequences. It led to corruption, violence, and mass incarceration. It negatively affected the lives of millions of people. All of this while we waste billions of dollars every year only to create and fuel powerful drug cartels. This global conflict has to end. The core strategy of the War on Drugs is to eradicate drugs and prevent all causes of drug use. So almost all of the efforts in the last few decades have been focused on eliminating the supply of drugs and incarcerating drug traffickers. But this disobeys the two most prominent economic principles, supply and demand. If the supply of something is decreasing without reducing the demand first, its price goes up. This might lower sales for other products, but not for drugs. The drug market is not price-sensitive. In other words, drugs will be consumed no matter what they cost. As a result, production of more drugs and recruitment of more traffickers has increased in order to meet the demand. As a statistical illustration, the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime reported that "The drug supply has increased from 2005 to 2014 for most illegal drugs and the number of successful global drug seizures has decreased." These trends from the report 's findings tell us that the global efforts to limit…

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