The War On Drugs And The United States

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The War on Drugs has been an ongoing effect ever since the Civil War introduced the drug morphine to the world. In the years since people have been coming up with drugs more lethal than morphine such as cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and so on and so forth. The War on Drugs is dangerous and leads to many deaths throughout the years. America has set up agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and other drug task force teams throughout the United States. Even though we may not be able to catch all the drug dealers the United States drug teams has put a tiny dent into this ongoing black market run by cartels and even the smaller drug dealers. In this essay, we will see the effect it has on the United States, the way we are trying to prevent, and overall what the drugs have done to America since the Civil War. The effect that drugs has put in the United States has been a strong impact on how our criminal justice system has evolved since the Civil War. The reason being is that today drugs are a way of life for some people of this world if that means using or dealing daily. Per the basic data from the drug war facts, the total number of people that is in prison due to drugs in 2015 was 1,508,636 people due to drug charges ( While this may not seem like a big number it is recorded that 50% of people that are in jail or prison offenses are due to drug charges ( This plays a major role on what drugs has done and has played on the
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