“The War On Drugs Is A Big Fucking Lie”. In Recent History,

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“The war on drugs is a big fucking lie” In recent history, there has been much rhetoric surrounding the eradication of cross-border drug trafficking. The “war on drugs” was introduced in the 1970s by Nixon, who wanted to eliminate the drugs coming into the United States, since they were seen by him as a threat to our nation. Many laws have been enacted with the purpose keeping illicit drugs out of the United States, yet they do so through the use of nativist ideology, which upholds white supremacy by perpetuating the belief that those associated with Mexico are inherently criminals and must be kept out of the United States. Latin America is looked at as a corrupt place, teeming with drugs and criminals, that is tainting the wonderful and…show more content…
Robert Garcia moved to Laredo before drug trafficking was rampant, and joined the Laredo PD. He worked with drug enforcement, and enjoyed the “local impact” (13). He ended up working with the DEA for six years, travelling the country in order to fight the war on drugs. Ultimately, he decided to return to Laredo, and worked in the homicide department. Through these two narratives, Slater explores the complexities of the “war on drugs” and how, ultimately, drug enforcement at the border does little to curb the crossing of drugs over the border. Throughout history, the United States has continuously perpetuated a system based on racism through its drug eradication policies. In 1973, Richard Nixon created the DEA, by consolidating “several drug-control agencies into one,” and prohibited opium, which at the time came mostly from Turkey. (73-74). Nixon brought about the “war on drugs,” which focused on eradicating illegal drugs from entering the United States, and essentially incited nativist attitudes to do so. There is a tendency in the United States to “idealize everything American and discount everything Mexican,” which becomes increasingly relevant as Mexico is associated with drugs and crime (21). The Harrison Narcotics Tax act was created after cocaine and marijuana became popular as pain relievers for civil War veterans. This “[created] a lucrative black

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