The War On Drugs Policy

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It seems like every day I will turn on the news and I hear of one person after the other being thrown into prison, about our countries deficit or another scandal dealing with discrimination. And if I don’t hear it from the news I’m hearing it from friends and family or seeing it for myself. I can remember being told at the age of 10 that my favorite uncle, Tio Chico, was somewhere else and I might not see him for a long time. My ten-year-old self couldn’t understand why; I knew Tio Chico wasn’t a bad guy. He loved me so much and would protect his little mama, that’s me, from anything and anyone. It was later that I learned that he was getting into the wrong crowd and was starting to become involved with low level drugs. It was through some divine intervention that he only got probation, but his friends were not as lucky, they were served long jail sentences. The War on drugs policy is something that is well known to all conservative congress members that support its creation. It’s a declaration first made in 1971 by President Richard Nixon to buckle down and to be rid of drugs within our streets. This policy has expanded and grown into the present year with minimum sentencing for carrying drugs to reform policies to prevent drug use (A brief History). This was done in order to accomplish one goal, to make the streets of the United States better and to keep its people safe. Every policy and reform that congress has passed was created from the perspective of concerned
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