The War On Immigration : The United States

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Chase Fountain UCO1200-125 Professor Margrif 4 March 2017 The War on Immigration The United States of America declared its independence from Britain in 1776 and became its own nation. We were created by immigrants from all over the world and from this, the country obtained the nick name “the Melting Pot.” America gained this prestigious title by staying true to the American Dream, where people can start from nothing and climb the ladder to the top. This dream seems to be slipping further and further from the peoples grasp due to immigration policies currently being set in place. Historically speaking, the United States is very welcoming to immigration, but today, immigrating is a very complicated process. There is a process that you must…show more content…
Eighty seven percent of the United States population are citizens born here while thirteen percent are born outside of the country. Of this thirteen percent, six percent are naturalized, four percent are legal permanent residents, and three percent are unauthorized immigrants. Only seven percent of the unauthorized persons have criminal convictions while twenty two percent of natural born citizens have arrest records. (Dr. Renee Scherlen, “Immigration, Refugees, and American Security”, Fact vs Fiction). Immigrants, legal or not, can be deported at any time if the officer wants them to be deported based on if they have been convicted of any criminal offense, engaged in fraud or willfulness misrepresentation, or seem to be a risk to public safety or national security (Dr. Renee Scherlen, “Immigration, Refugees, and American Security”, Fact vs Fiction). The Executive order created a ban against six different Middle Eastern countries from travelling or immigration to the United States that consisted of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. The original term for this was the Muslim Ban which resulted in a press conference to defend our president Donald Trump for his vulgar usage of the term banning a religion instead of a country. Iraq was also a part of the list of countries but as of March sixth, 2017, it was removed. These countries were all placed on the list for various reasons that were stated in the Executive Order banning travel to
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