The War On Terror And Terrorism

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After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the Bush administration declared a worldwide "war on terror,” consisting of open and covert military operations and security legislations in an effort to block the financing of terrorism. The U.S. called for states across world to join their fight against terrorism (, 2015). This essay will be arguing if the U.S. was justified in their advances or if they have used the attacks against them in order to launch a war against those it suspected, using the attacks as a justification for torture and mistreatment of people across the world. In a post 9-11 society, the question of security has become the first priority of governments and terrified Westerners, in particular, Americans as they struggle to reconcile with the possibility of conflicting ideals and lifestyles. The War on Terror has never truly been about the war against militants, but has rather been, similar to the Cold War in much more gruesome and misguided a way in which the Western countries, hereafter symbolized by the United States predominantly have found a new way to flex political muscle while oppressing other people across the globe through torture and destruction. The War on Terror is a poorly justified attack on human rights, a poor excuse for retaliation and progress, and is ultimately another way for the political culture of the West to permeate into other countries with their own lifestyles, international policies and simply be the one
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