The War On Terror : Do The Rules Need For Change?

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The War on Terror: Do the Rules Need to Change?
Terrorism has been in existence for many decades. Most recently, the events of September 11th, 2001 have sparked discussions and controversies on the issue of the war on terror. Many nation’s and organization’s have different definitions of terrorism, what laws should be used when dealing with terrorism, and whether or not it is time to rethink the rules of the war on terror. Twelve years after the attacks of 9/11 I believe it is time to reconsider, especially the United State’s rules, on terrorism and the war on terror.
The War on Terror began 12 years ago on September 11, 2001, with the hijacking of American airplanes, 2 of which hit the World Trade Centers, 1 hit the Pentagon; the other
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While the General Assembly resolution 49/60 gives a very broad and dictionary-esque definition, currently, there is no clear, law abiding definition of ‘terrorism;’ as stated in the report of the UN High-level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change:
The United Nations ability to develop a comprehensive strategy has been constrained by the inability of Member States to agree on an anti-terrorism convention including a definition of terrorism. This prevents the United Nations from exerting its moral authority and from sending an unequivocal message that terrorism is never an acceptable tactic, even for the most defensible of causes.
The main issue with coming to an agreement on the definition of ‘terrorism’ is the argument that the definition should include “States’ use of armed forces against civilians” (UN GA no. 59, 2004). Essentially, the definition should somehow include the illegality of attacks targeted toward civilians and non-combatants (UN GA no. 59, 2004). If the UN is unable to come to a consensus on a globally accepted definition of terrorism, there are going to be issues when trying to come up with counterterrorism operations (Sudha,7). The main issue with not having a definitive definition of terrorism or terroristic acts is that each State deals with these issues very differently. There have been many counterterrorism efforts put forth by the UN and by various States; one of the most notable is
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