The War On The Home Front

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In a very short amount of time, America went a serious of events which had great influence on the home front. Those two events were WWII and the Cold War. Civil rights, the cultural norms, and society at large, had changed greatly during a short amount of time due to these events. The United States was fight a war on two fronts, both at home and overseas. The wars overseas had great influence and impact on the successes that would come over time on the home front. Without these wars and times of trials and tribulations, the civil rights movement and society as a whole, would most likely have not had made as large of a shift as it did. During WWII, two groups that had it very “rough” on the home front, was African Americans and women. Both of these groups faced many challenges, but both seen the war as a gateway into regular, white male society. “With the advent of WWII, African Americans saw a further opportunity to press their cause. Hundreds of thousands went to war, with the expectation that their service would earn them equal rights, once and for all.” (Many Rivers to Cross) When reflecting on the past though, African Americans have fought in every American war since the revolution, and yet they were still bound by unjust laws. (October 8th Lecture) Both groups had already overcame many diversities in the pasts, but were faced with an opportunity to possible triumph over the ones they had left. African Americans before the war, also had little chance of attending an
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