The War On The Middle East Essay

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War on ISIS has been been a problem in the world today. We have been going back and forth on rather we should declare war on them for the longest. My personal opinion I think we should because they 're never going to stop abusing america and kidnapping our american citizens until we bomb and kill them. Over the years different presidents have had their input on if we should declare war on them or not. For one, former president George W. Bush said yes and everybody thought that was a huge problem. People need to know that ISIS is a threat to the united states. President Barack Obama mobilized United States forces during one of his recent speeches in order to take care of business in the middle east. Isis is one of the most dangerous groups on america. Isis is made up of the islamic state and El Sham, who controls territory roughly the size of Belgium. They are very famous for their brutal methods towards enemies. But while dramatically 90 percent of Americans finally view ISIS as a serious threat to U.S. national security, but there still confused on if they really threat us as a whole and the american homeland. For example, earlier this year, Obama described ISIS as, “ A Junior Varsity version of Al Qaeda”. Obama described the conflict with isis as not an internal struggle within the United States, but as a struggle outside our borders where locals got into conflicts with one another. A couple months ago Obama reiterated that point, saying groups like ISIS “were

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