The War On The United States Essay

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December 7th 1941, the United States was blindsided by the Japanese in the worst attack on United States soil in history at the time. Without warning or even a declaration of war the Japanese attacked the Naval Station Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii. The surprise attack destroyed and sunk two U.S. Navy battleships and severally damaged five others. The attacks also killed around 2,400 and injured around another 1,180. In return on December 8th, the next day, the United States declared war on Japan and sided with the allies. This put the US in a war they were trying to stay out of more the majority of its duration. Once the US declared war on Japan, Hitler turned around and declared war on the US. So then the US was involved in all parts of the war and everyone had to step up to make it happen. Men enlisted right away to help serve the country that they were so proud to be part of. When they began to be deployed they had to leave their jobs and families to support themselves so someone had to step up to do the work the men had been doing. That someone was the women of the household, this time in history was a turning point for the women’s status in the work force and at the home. As a result, there was a lot of different transitions that took place in the emits of everything, so it would be interesting to know exactly how did the gender role of the everyday women change do to the war. Rather it being that they began working outside the home in fields that were “men’s

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