The War Over Territory On The Southern Border

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Happiness is often mistaken for a simple concept at first glance, even though it is often responsible for a human’s actions, thoughts, and even perspective on numerous topics. Different social factors come together from almost every portion of life, to create one’s happiness ranking. A strategy like this can be used by a single person, but it also has the ability to be used to analyze a certain place or country. One country that’s currently dealing with a significant amount of issues, is Lebanon. Many of the social factors looked at as a source of happiness, are either missing or being threatened by radical groups within the country. War over territory on the southern border has been a consistent problem within the country for decades, leading to a significant amount of destruction and tension between the Lebanese and their neighbors. Not to mention, many major cities like Beirut have been plagued by the country’s inability to properly remove waste and control the homeless population. Maybe the biggest uproar taking place in Lebanon right now, is the youth unhappiness with religion and the impact it has on society. On the other hand, the positives are not exactly where they should be. Lebanon has been fortunate to have fertile land and great tourist destinations. On top of that, the country is still working towards creating an equal playing field for both men and women. It has been a rather slow process, but changes are coming. Even some of the industries within the country
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