The War Prayer and Presidential Candidate

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His writing style often reflects the common rhetoric of people. He uses irony, and sarcasm, but the style often depends on the character he’s talking through. Twain often speaks his mind eloquently throughout his satiristic stories. The following two stories are examples of how speaks to his readers. In his short story “The War Prayer” he provokes his audience who sends their prayers to god asking for a positive outcome of the war and for soldiers to come back active. Twain thinks that praying for a war and patriots makes no sense what so ever. “When you have prayed for victory you have prayed for many unmentioned results…” Saying this, he’s saying that when people pray that their soldiers win and come back safely, that there is a less chance that their prayer is granted. There’s no reason for anyone to pray and encourage our soldiers in their patriotic work. People are only contributing for their religious ways. Twain had a great sense of sarcasm in this story. He was so direct and sarcastic about the war. He reveals the truth and it shows his strong and powerful feelings about the war. Twain believes that praying for the war is senseless. Throughout the story he mocks the war and criticizes patriotism. There is no sense in war, according to Mark Twain. The irony in this piece shows stereotypical views of young men going off to war. Twain speaks…
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