The War Showing No Signs Of Ending, The Watergate Scandal And The Vietnam War

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Davis Hinshaw Mrs Weide American History II 4 December 2016 The 1980s With the cold war showing no signs of ending, the watergate scandal and the vietnam war it was no surprise that the 1980s were a complete explosion of counterculture and mistrust in the government. The election of former actor Ronald Reagan kickstarted the 1980s with his optimistic ideas he appealed to many americans. He was running against former president Jimmy Carter, Reagan won the election with 51% of electoral vote. He promised to work to get the US government out of people 's everyday lives and provide major tax cuts. These ideas won the support of many throughout the US. The 1980s was the birthplace of a new era, an era of moviegoers and people who loved to watch tv. At the end of the 1980s 60% of the population had cable TV. Movies such as E.T., Back To The Future and The Breakfast Club all debuted in the 1980s. One major contribution to TV being so popular was MTV because it went against the “norm” and showed all kinds of music. MTV had a large span of artist that consist of Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Public Enemy, and many more. MTV was a way for people to get their unsaid feeling out without having to face backlash. The 1980s experienced many things that have lasted through decades and are even still around today, such as personal computers, MTV, and cell phones. The 1980s was a major contributor in shaping the way the US and even the world is today. Some of the most impactful things from the

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