The War Torn Hearth Of Terrorism On Russia

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Chechnya has been a war-torn hearth of terrorism on Russia’s southern periphery for a few decades. Couple weeks before the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi a number of suicide bombings were carried on Russian soil, which brought an extensive international attention to the dangerous North Caucasus region. Such brutality and bloodshed illuminated poor governance and counterterrorism threats in geographically close but ethnically different area of Russian Federation, which is embedded with separatist and nationalistic campaigns. The North Caucasus was highlighted as a critical region that will remain a source of endemic tension and conflict. [National Intelligence Council (2004), p. 54] Among the territories with the lack of governance, the North Caucasus, especially Chechnya, is definitely worth attention because this extremely diverse region is located in pivotal/critical frontier between Asian and European civilizations, carries the most dangerous transit path for the smuggling of illegal weapons and goods and is highly corrupted. According to J.Brown “lagging economies, ethnic affiliations, intense religious convictions, and youth bulges will align to create a ‘perfect storm’ for internal conflict.” [Janet P. Brown Globalization in 2020] Moreover, location and intensity level of the conflict are determined by the competence of the country’s government. Those countries, such as Russia, that are unable to both satisfy the expectations of their people and resolve…

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