The War With Great Britain For Their Independence

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The year is 1775 and the American Colonies are at war with Great Britain for their Independence. The Continental Congress would soon sign an article into law, which would authorize the construction of the Navy of the United Colonies of North America. Article 16 of this bill stated that “A convenient place shall be set apart for sick or hurt men, to be removed with their hammocks and bedding when the surgeon shall advise the same to be necessary: and some of the crew shall be appointed to attend to and serve them and to keep the place clean. The cooper shall make buckets with covers and cradles if necessary for their use.” Little did they know that this would be the inception of the Hospital Corpsman. A military organization that would soon…show more content…
The description stated: “The surgeon shall be allowed a faithful attendant to issue, under his direction, all supplies and provisions and hospital stores, and to attend the preparation of nourishment for the sick. The surgeon’s mates shall be particularly careful in directing the loblolly boy to keep the cockpit clean, and every article therein belonging to the Medical Department. The surgeon shall prescribe for casual cases on the gun deck every morning at 9 o’clock, due notice having been previously given by his loblolly boy by ringing of a bell,” (History of Hospital). The name and responsibilities of the rate would change several times through the 18th century, with titles like apothecary, nurse, and bay man the person responsible for taking care of the sick and injured in the sick bay. With the outbreak of the civil war in 1861, naval vessels were ordered to have at least 2 nurses per every 200 men and we also built the first ship just to take care of the sick and injured, the USS Red Rover. The medical crew of the USS Red Rover consisted of 30 surgeons, 30 nurses, and 4 nuns. This ship has also been immortalized at Recruit Training Command Great Lakes as the sick hall serving all new navy recruits (History of Hospital). June 17th, 1897 the Hospital Corps as we know it was born, after fear of a Spanish – American War, Congress spurred into action passing a bill which was signed by President William McKinley. From this date forward any enlisted
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