The War With The Persian

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This essay will explore if Agesilaus was trying to create a buffer zone in Asia. However, first the story of Agesilaus is Asia must be explored, as to his reasons for making war with the Persian and his possible objective. Furthermore, by exploring these one may be able to establish why he was trying to create a buffer-zone or was he trying to accomplish something entirely different. The invasion of the Persian territories in Asia, were brought on by King Agesilaus of the Sparta who had not been in power long when he heard the news that the Persians were amassing an army against the Greeks . With this news, Agesilaus asked that he be given "thirty Spartans, two thousand newly enrolled citizens, and a contingent of six thousand allies" so…show more content…
A Persian named Tissaphernes gave his word that he would help set the Greeks in Asia free. However, Tissaphernes broke this agreement, and soon as he could gathered an army to fight . Upon Agesilaus hearing this he continued to remain peacefully to show the people what Tissaphernes was not a man of his word and that Agesilaus was more honourable. Tissaphernes told Agesilaus to leave Asia or else there would be a war. With that Agesilaus prepared his troops for battle he sent word to "Caria to have their markets ready and stocked" for their arrival . Agesilaus also sent word to the "Greeks of Ionia, the Aeolid and the Hellespont, to send their contingents for the campaign to his headquarters at Ephesus" and would seem to suggest that he was well prepared for battle . When Tissaphernes, heard of Agesilaus plans to attach Caria, they went to Caria to prepare for battle. However, when he got there, there was no Greek army waiting. Agesilaus had decided to go to Phrygia instead. Once Agesilaus had captured Phrygia and taken large amount of booty. Instead of killing the prisoners, he decided that it would be better to win them over with kindness. He ordered his "men not to punish their prisoners as criminals, but to guard them as human beings" by doing this, he ensured the prisoner 's loyalty to Agesilaus . Agesilaus needed to raise a calvary, as he was sick of running because of satrap Pharnabazus. So he asked the wealthy
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