The War in Kashmir

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Culture can be defined as “learned patterns of perception, values, and behaviours, shared by a group of people, that are dynamic and heterogeneous “(Martin & Nakayama, pg 32). The purpose of this paper is to present research on a conflict involving different cultural groups. The paper will integrate library research as well as focus on two specific aspects of conflict for my research. Those aspects will be; the history of the relationships between cultural groups and culture conceptions of women. The war in Kashmir is the cultural conflict I have chosen to research.
Kashmir is located between the nations of India and Pakistan, for which these two nations share cultural and historical connections. Which neither historical links have helped in contribution to a solid resolution between these two countries. Like Kashmir, India and Pakistan are home to various cultural groups such as Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Sikh. However certain cultures over shadow others; India is dominantly Hindu while Pakistan is dominantly Muslim. While both cultures are so closely linked there are specific differences such as Muslims, who follow the belief of Islam, believe in a monotheistic god and a possible judgement day, while Hindu faith is polytheistic and has views towards reincarnation.
While historically the conflict within Kashmir is one of territory and not cultural, Pakistan has recently used their religion, primarily the notion of a Jihad, holy war, to justify their
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