The War of 1812 Essay

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The War Of 1812 The War of 1812 took place while president James Madison was in office. Madison was born in Orange County, Virginia in 1751. He attended the College of New Jersey, which is now well known as Princeton. Madison did many significant things both before and after he was in office. He participated in the framing of the Virginia Constitution, served in the Continental Congress and he was also a leader in the Virginia Assembly. One of his major contributions was a ratification to the Constitution. He wrote the Federalist essays along with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay. In writing that, many people then began referring to him as the “Father of the Constitution.” Madison felt guilty for getting all the credit so he protested…show more content…
Madison’s War.”# Their reasoning for not wanting it was that they believed a war against the world’s major naval power would do very little to help restore their shipping. In the beginnings of the war, America was not too successful. The choices of the troops and the generals were not too smart, most of them being militia and volunteers. Also, a general by the name of William Hull, who was a Revolutionary War veteran, had plans to invade Canada through Detroit. Instead of him doing just that, he decided to surrender his army and Detroit to a much smaller British and Native American army. General Hull was then court-marshaled and convicted. Luckily, president Madison saved his life, saying that he did not deserve death because of his previous services to the country. There were many other attempts to invade Canada but none of them were successful. Once the war had gotten its start, America began making victories. At one point, America’s confidence level was through the roof because of a few naval victories that had been made. There were three American ships which were the Constitution, the United States, and the President. Those three ships were faster, bigger and better armed than their British counterparts. Now the British had quite a few more ships in counting than America did, but their ships were vulnerable in a one-on-one fight with an

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