Essay about The War of Rebellion: The Civil War

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The Civil War was a very significant war that resulted in making the nation and the government stronger. Peculiarly both sides had very different views on what caused the war, what they wanted out of the war, and what the war meant resulting in what is considered the bloodiest war in America’s history, around six hundred thousand Confederate and Union soldiers died in battle. What did they all die for though? Depending on whether you were from the North or the South the answer to this question would vary. In fact, evidence from the speeches of leaders on both sides proves that each side had a very different meaning for the war and wished to achieve very different outcomes. Contrary to what I originally believed this war much more than the…show more content…
Stephens even admitted that it was cause of the revolution (Stephens, 120.) It is no coincidence that shortly after President Lincoln was elected the Confederacy was created. His policies on slavery were a big dividing factor when it came to voters in the south. While he expressed that abolishing slavery was never on his agenda he did make it clear that he was going to stop the spread of it out west and contain it to the South where is previously existed. This is not what upset the south though. It was the Lincoln’s and the majority’s view that slaves or African Americans were equal in law to whites (Stephens, 135.) The Union did think slavery was wrong and should be abolished, but they were in no was ready to start a war over it. We see this from Lincoln in his inaugural address when he expresses there will be no conflict unless the South creates one. (Lincoln, 1861, 14) The Union blamed the South as the cause for the war. Their immature response to not getting what they wanted from the government is what started the conflict the day they attacked Fort Sumter. So basically it would appear that the South blamed the North for threatening to stop slavery and the North blames the South for not seeing how wrong slavery was and creating the conflict in the first place. It was clear that the South was fighting for their right to own slaves, but what I didn’t realize was that the
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