The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells

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As stated by Lois Tyson in her novel, Critical Theory Today, “economics is based on which the superstructure of social/political ideological realities are built” (54). Therefore, economic power is comprised of social and political power, which is why Marxists “refer to socioeconomic class, rather than economic class, when talking about the class structure” (54). The two distinct types of socioeconomic classes that Marxists mention are, the bourgeoisie, the few and very wealthy, powerful people who control all the world’s natural, economic, and human resources, and the proletariats, the ones who live under below average living conditions and perform all the manual labor and dirty work for the business owned by the bourgeoisie. In the novel, The War of the Worlds, reflecting on these Marxists beliefs, H.G Wells exemplifies the bourgeoisies and the proletariats, through the Martians and the humans, so as to illuminate and emphasize the destruction being caused by the imperialistic expansion of Great Britain, during the turn of the 19th century. Hence, Wells is welcoming us to denounce socioeconomic forces, along with criticizing imperialism by revealing its destructive nature through the Martians attack on the population of Great…
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