The Warm House Spreads An Aura Of Holiday Cheer Throughout The Crisp, Cool Air

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Victoria Rosenblum
Honors English 10
The warm house spreads an aura of holiday cheer throughout the crisp, cool air. Hoards of family members pile through the front door, with young couples stopping just below the archway for a little peck under the mistletoe. Thousands for cars line the street and I immediately notice my mother outside wearing her bright red Christmas sweater greeting all of my family. I wave and she grins and waves back pointing out a spot for my uncle to park the car.

I leap out of my uncle 's beat-up car, officially bored out of my mind from Christmas mass. My breath creates a hazy cloud in the dark sky. The dim luminaries along the sidewalk guide me to the door, and I am greeted by my mother who kisses me on top of my forhead and greets my uncle. It 's a family tradition to dress as famous Christmas characters; there 's something very bizarre about seeing your cousins dressed as Dancer, Prancer, Comet, Cupid, and of course, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. After 13 long Christmases, I have thankfully gotten myself out of having to dress up as a holiday enthusiast. It 's not that I 'm anti-holiday or anything; I just don 't see the point in going overboard with “holiday spirit.”

Once inside, I meander past the piles of gifts, greeting relatives along the way. I enter the kitchen and am immediately hit with the aroma of hoagies, chips, and orange soda – a feast fit for pigs. Dozens of family members surround the kitchen island, and it 's a…
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