The Warmth of Other Suns

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THE WARMTH OF OTHER SUNS Isabel Wilkerson is an African American Howard University journalism graduate writer and the first black woman in the history of American Journalism to win a Pulitzer Prize. Among her notable works is the novel “The Warmth of Other Suns”. The novel The Warmth of Other Suns was about the Great Migration which occurred between the years 1915-1970 and this was the movement of approximately seven million Black people out of the Southern United States to the North, Midwest and Western states from 1916 to 1970. Blacks migrated to escape widespread racism in the South, to seek employment opportunities in industrial cities of the North, to get better education for their children, and to pursue what was widely…show more content…
But when he returned home, he found that he could not perform surgery or even work in the hospital in his hometown of Monroe, Louisiana because of his color. And so he set out from Louisiana to California in order to make a way for himself and for his family in a new land. The positive experience of Ida Mae Brandon Gladney is like the other two they has more freedom and independence as black people compared to when they were in the south. Also the “Do’s and Dont’s” published in The Defender and the fact that people pointed out things she wasn’t supposed to do in her opinion was a good thing. Also the fact that she could vote whereas back home in Missisipi she wasn’t allowed to. A negative experience was the fact that they had to move from flat to flat and the problem with finding housing because Chicago was trying to discourage the migration of any more colored people from the south. Also the outbreak of the riots and the shutdown of factories and the difficulty finding a job and an increased cost of living. In the case of George Swanson Starling, I think the fact that he was able to get away from Florida so he could not be lynched is a positive experience. Also the fact that he was able to find a job right away upon his arrival to New York was a positive thing despite the fact that he was overqualified and overeducated for the job. Also the arrival of his wife Inez and their baby was a positive
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