The Warning Signs and Risk Factors of Teen Depression

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People constantly overlook the severity of depression, more importantly, major teen depression, which presents a legitimate obstacle in society. Teen depression’s intensity results from society’s general lack of acknowledgement of the rising affair. The surprisingly low amount of people aware of teen depression creates a serious matter in today’s world. Within the past year, 15.8% of teens contemplated the option of suicide, due to their major depression going unnoticed or untreated for (Vidourek). Most of the causes and signs of depression lie hidden within the individual since majorities of people experience them without any real issue arising. “A sudden change in behavior is a main sign of someone being depressed, which could lead to…show more content…
Antidepressants intend to regulate emotions and decrease depressing thoughts, but they have adverse side effects such as anxiousness, restlessness, and even a possible increase in suicidal thoughts (Teen Depression: When Should You Worry?). Antidepressants should be utilized as part of a larger medical plan, such as combining them with counseling and other treatment options (Dumke). “A combination of psychotherapy [a cognitive-behavioral therapy] and antidepressants seems to work the best and may keep depression from recurring” concerning teens with depression (Adolescents and Clinical Depression). Unfortunately, the economic impact of the treatments make it harder for families to provide help for their depressed teenagers. The costs include “outpatient care, medication, hospitalization, and residential treatment” (Economic Impact of Depression). Few people acquire consistent medical treatment as a depressed individual, resulting in less chances of helping teens with major depression. Since money expresses a barrier between treatment and no help at all, some schools even provide opportunities and programs that address the suicide and depression problem to youth in an attempt to help them (Strunk). Overcoming teen depression becomes realistic once society acknowledges the signs, warnings, causes, and treatment options, and finding ways to make

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