The Warrior Of The Aztec Empire

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In many societies both modern and past, warriors are often celebrated and their social ranking elevated above the average citizen. We see evidence of this in the history of the Aztec Empire where “The warrior was a glorified position in the society” (1). They were revered as having quality traits such as being brave, courageous and selfless to others. Other examples in history that hold the warrior on high are the samurai of feudal Japan, and the very similar knights of old England. Both of these titles had to be earned and bestowed upon an individual by a higher political power, usually Royalty or a Feudal Lord. Once given knighthood or the title of samurai, they would also own land and as such became respected members of their communities. In modern, more civilized times, the warrior is still present but there are other non-violent ways to showcase the skills of a warrior, we call them sports. Sports were created as a way to train and showcase a warrior 's skills with out having to risk his life in battle, and as such athletes today are celebrated in the same manner as the warriors of antiquity (2). Although sports were designed to showcase the skills and talents required for war, sadly it does not mean the end of war and as such, there are warriors today who put their lives on the line to defend or fight for the country they reside in, these are the men and women who serve in the military and after wards are given the title of veteran. If warriors are held in
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