The Warriors - Original Writing

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“Right. I’ll go with ye and assume guarding her immediately.” After a short jog, they made it to the Royal Fortress. Veerah asked no questions; she simply kissed Taran just before her bolted her into the chamber. Arlen remained inside with her, and two warriors stood outside. Taran told the men they were to defend the queen until their dying breath, and he ran off to his position on the wooden ramparts. Bili was already there. “They’re positioned in the woods.” Bili stared at small fires dotting the hillside in the distance. “They mean to draw us out. They’ve not fired on us yet, but any time…” “Then we must move. Now.” Pictish warriors typically engaged in pre-battle purification rituals that strengthened unity and brotherhood, but in…show more content…
He marched at Taran’s left side and gave a nod. Taran pressed his lips together and went silent. Bili and Ero planned to remain glued to Taran throughout the altercation, it seemed, and there was nothing Taran could do about it. Pushing away his concerns for his best friend and father, Taran focused on the task at hand. His love of battle was so at odds with his shyness and typical instinct to repair feuds with diplomacy. But there was a thrill in fighting, a heady rush that came along with confronting the enemy. There was nothing quite like having the chance to prove one’s prowess in combat and protect those he loved. Nothing quite compared. Slinking through the inky darkness, Taran’s warriors pressed on until they closed in on Alclud’s encampment. The enemy combatants were ready, because, with flaming arrows poised to fire and blades drawn, they ran to meet Taran’s men the moment they crossed the clearing. Arrows flew, lighting up the night and setting bushes aflame. Taran’s men had their shields up in time and no one was hit. And before Taran realized it, instinct took hold, and he slashed his sword through enemies and smashed his shield over the heads of opponents. The ragged men of Alclud fought hard, but that old rage swelled up inside Taran, and he blamed these men for all the losses in his life, Lutren, his mother, Leese, even though blaming them made no sense. But it was better this way, unleashing his fury on the men who dared to trespass on his lands and
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