The Wars And Its Effects On Our Lives

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History has been what we as human beings use to define ourselves and what we have accomplished. Throughout history human have always fought each other for one reason or another, whether it be over land of simple disagreements toward one another. Humans have fought for centuries, but we bear no claws or secret poison that we may use on our enemies; humanity has always fought with weapons created by other humans. Long ago we simply fought with spears and bows, but as time progressed forward, we have evolved to a more futuristic society using weapons more advanced such as guns. Guns have fought many battles for the people giving the edge to whoever used these to their advantage on the battlefield. These guns, however, do not simply wander in…show more content…
is hoping for. Gun control would most likely cause more violence across the world hurting more people than saving. Taking the guns away from entire nations is going to greatly weaken there overall defenses of said nation giving hostile nations who didn’t agree to the terms of the U.N. an opportunity to attack a greatly harm any nation. Although the nation’s government would still hold firearms for use against foreign invaders the government cannot be everywhere at once. Civilians that become under attack from invaders would hold no means of self-defense and would simply be left to run or beg for mercy from the invaders. The U.N. disarmament commission set up a panel of small arms experts to help them to take away firearms that should be considered military grade such as handguns and automatic rifles. (Browne1) The national disarmament of firearms would affect many peoples on a personal level and financial level. Unless the governments of the world plan on paying citizens with guns reparations for the firearms that they take away many would be out a large sum of money that they have put towards hunting equipment, and the firearms themselves which alone can be extremely costly. Some guns are even kept for more personal reasons such as family heirlooms that are passed down generations from one family member to the next telling a story or reminding family members about their elders that have passed on. The United Nations is not the only one that is aiming for the
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