The Wars During The French Revolution

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Since the beginning of time, armies have attacked their neighbors with the conquered having to endure the pillaging of their properties and goods. The goods most sought after were things that most resembled the culture and values of the place they had raided. These typically included “religious articles, military banners or symbols, works of art, and important written records,” (Kurtz 1985, 1). These were sought after by the conquerors because they would represent their success in battle for years and they would be able to display them to show their dominance.
In Europe, this occurred frequently even before any of the World Wars. The Religious wars of the sixteenth century seemed to accelerate this trend. However, due to the deprivation caused by these wars, the wars during the eighteenth century were more focused on destruction of enemy forces and infrastructure. The wars during the French revolution marked a return to the old ways of looting personal goods, and it was continued by Napoleon and his armies they brought back to France treasures from public and private collections from Italy and the rest of Europe (Kurtz 1985, 2-3). The rise of Napoleon marked the return of raiding and looting for the sake of demonstrating absolute power over enemies, a practice that was unfortunately continued by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis during their reign of terror and destruction during the 1930sand 1940s.
The Nazi war machine wreaked havoc on Europe during World War II. Numerous nations…
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