The Wars and Band of Brothers

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The Wars and Band of Brothers A war is a historical event that has the ability to change a person 's life both positively and negatively. Ironically, during the months preceding both World War One and World War Two, for many men the opportunity of going overseas to prove themselves worthy as men was rarely refused. However, many of the soldiers who were involved in either the First or Second World Wars quickly realized that war was not only a brand new experience; it was a new lifestyle. In both novels, Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose and The Wars by Timothy Findley, the soldiers share a common bond with one another. Soldiers learn how to become one unit, fighting for the same cause. However, although they are one unit, not…show more content…
Every man I think had on his mind, ‘How will I react under fire? '" The ability to overcome these doubts and questions is truly a testament to the fortitude for the men of Easy Company. In many instances, personal doubts and fear of failure were the main issues on the men of Easy Company 's minds, rather than the combat itself. Robert Ross ' war experience was a true testament to his personal fortitude because he was involved in the First World War; a war where many new techniques and tactics of fighting were developed. Such tactics as air-to-ground fire, gas attacks, and so forth created a buzz of confusion whenever they occurred. Robert 's quick decision making skills helped save the lives of his fellow comrades, as well as his own. When Robert 's first experience with a chlorine gas attack occurred, he was calm and collective, but his unit wasn 't. He quickly decided that in the event of the chlorine gas reaching them, the soldiers must urinate on their handkerchiefs and use them as gas masks. However, many of the soldiers couldn 't urinate out of fear and immense pressure, so Robert took control. "At last his fingers took hold. He closed his eyes. He prayed: dear Jesus let me piss. But he couldn 't. Neither could the other men and this other man began to weep, till Robert shouted at him ‘Damn you! Damn you! Give it to me! '" As a result of his quick thinking, Robert exemplifies the perfect soldier. The ability to perform under immense
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