The Was The Messiah A Little Differently Than Jesus

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The Jews pictured the Messiah a little differently than Jesus. Some Jews could have missed Jesus if you had picture painted of what you thought the Messiah would be like, you might end up passing them by. the Jews had already made up their minds of who the Messiah was going to be, therefore, they missed who He actually was, along with the message that He brought. Now knowing this, it 's easier to understand the reasoning behind why the Jews may have denied Jesus as the Messiah. The Messiah the jew were looking for, was the anointed one, similar to the Messiah. Instead, they were looking for an all powerful ruler/ political leader, or king that would show up in a fancy manor, and defeat the oppressor, have the answer to any situation,…show more content…
7:14). He will be a Nazarene(general OT prophecy) , the Son of God(Matt. 3:17), and also be a prophet like Moses(Deut. 18:15-19). He will be all knowing, a king, (anointed by perfume Matt. 26: 6-7)as well as Lord of the Sabbath(Matt. 12:14-15, 9:4). He will be called the ultimate sacrifice, the light of the world, the New Covenant, greater than the prophets, law, and angels, yet few will recognize Him when He comes. He will be the sinless, perfect sacrificial lamb, who dies for our sake, even though we don 't deserve it. He will be a servant, teacher, and mentor for many to follow. He will be the chosen seed through the line of David, the anointed one, Christ, and the Messiah. Even after all of this the Jewish people back in that time period still have no clue who this man is. He even tells them that He is the Messiah, the Son of Man, yet everyone seems to believe that He is just some prophet who showed up to do good things, or a blasphemer that should be put to death. Even the demons know who the Son of Man is(Matt.8:28-29). Although the people see and hear all of these things that He has done, and know in the back of their minds that this man 's coming and character has been prophesied in the Old Testament and now fulfilled right before their eyes, they still do not see who He really is, or their hearts are just too hard to take in the truth. Just like the people in this time period are numb to who the Messiah is, they also don 't understand the way He was
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