The Washington Redskins Name Controversy

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The Washington Redskins Name Controversy Should the Washington Redskins change their team name due to controversy with Native Americans? That has been the questions since the 1980s. There are many different views on the issue. Some people believe the name should stay, some insist it should be changed, and others are ultimately indifferent. In the end, changing the name is the definite right choice, the Washington Redskins name is offensive to the Native American people and therefore it must go. The name is not only offensive to the Native American people, but people outside of Native American 's find issue with it, and it also promotes ethnic stereotyping. In the late 1960 's the use of Indian names and mascots in sports started to be contested by activists and academics. Many team names and mascots were guilty of appropriating Native American Culture, and needless to say the Native Americans wanted things to change. Many Colleges and Universities responded positively—Stanford University changing from Prince Lightfoot to the Cardinal, Dartmouth College changing from the Indians to Big Green—as well as many smaller schools, from high school to elementary changing mascots out of respect for Native Americans. The major roadblock came about with the professional teams: Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, and of course, the Washington Redskins. These teams have refused to change their names to this day, but the Native Americans and their supporters continue to protest. The
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