The Waste And Disposal Services Industry

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Definition: The Waste and Disposal Services Industry can be defined as the collection, management, processing, disposal, recycling, burning, and/or minimization of waste. The waste involved includes(but is not limited to) solid waste, hazardous waste, marine waste, human waste, food waste, organic waste, construction/demolition waste, other trash, and recyclables. Recently, the industry has taken great strides of innovation and now includes the process of burning waste to create energy using gas-to-energy plants.
History/Background: The Waste and Disposal Services Industry was created out of human/global necessity. We humans have always had waste; there have even been waste dumps found that date back to the Mayans. Until recent centuries, most of our waste was organic and easily tossed aside. However, as civilizations became more urbanized, waste disposal became a more relevant issue, and essentially a needs for survival. Many plagues that killed thousands even millions of people were spread from animals living in improperly disposed waste sites. Since scientists linked disease to filthy living conditions, the waste and disposal services industry has boomed.
• 500BC Athens, Greece: The first municipal dump in the western world was formed, as well as a team of waste collectors. Regulations required dumping at least one mile from city limits.
• 1848 England: First widely recognized study published linking grubby environmental conditions to disease; Beginning of sanitation…

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