The Waste Management Of America Should Be Improved

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Name:Mustapha, Daniel, Ryan, Abdullahi
Assessment: Future City Waste
Did you know there is about a million pounds of material in order to provide one average middle-class American family 's needs for one year? In sum, Americans waste or cause to be wasted nearly 1 million pounds of materials per, and did you know that an average person waste is 4.3 pounds per day? Did you also know that the water in the lake and river have about 3 tons?
A mine safety team working for the Environmental Protection Agency inadvertently triggered the spill of a million gallons of mine wastewater San Juan County, when it comes to handling your recycling and waste needs, we know how important reliable curbside pickup and disposal are to
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The current situation should and needs to be fixed.
If I was governing a city I would put waste management in my top 10 priorities, so my city wouldn’t have to worry about pollution and trash all over the place. My city would be just perfect. We would have trash day everyday. Everyone would have a job and be very happy. We would have a new system of getting rid of trash. My city would very clean and would be flourishing. Our city would be the cleanest in the world and everyone who visit it will very impressed.
The idea of getting our city to be perfect will be no easy task. We would build advanced garbage systems, and they would be the most advanced in the world. There will be no landfills anywhere to be seen in our city. Also a bonus for our city is that when you throw away garbage it won’t smell. It will smell like absolutely nothing. Now no one will have to gag or plug their noses when they throw their trash away. We would use drones to pick up our trash and bring them to our area where the trash would be put, and it would be great.

The technologies used in our city is drones. The drones do a lot of stuff for us so the city is more safe and the police have helped. They are run on solar power and wind power, have brain chips inside their heads and can only be programmed by the creator to ensure that they are not hacked into and made to do bad things. The drone can be used by the public in various ways as helping when lost and can also provide
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