The Waste Of Municipal Solid Waste

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“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” has been the mantra of administrations and environmentalists since the early 1970’s and is as relevant now as it was then. Household recycling behaviors have become a common strategy for the diversion of municipal solid waste (MSW) from landfills and energy recovery plants (ERP). Although many, if not most, residences engage in at least some recycling behaviors significant amounts of trash reaching landfills and ERPs could have been recycled. There exists a wealth of research regarding how and why the populace engages in recycling and what potential barriers result in a high percentage of recyclables reaching landfills and ERPs. It is the position of the author that one significant barrier is a lack of current educational initiatives presented to household recyclers at regular intervals. For example, the recycling industry recently gained the ability to facilitate used pizza boxes. A quick anecdotal sample of my immediate neighbors found that they were still discarding these items with their MSW. The ambition of this research is to identify practical, cost effective, methods to keep residential recyclers informed of current recycling abilities. The research seeks to investigate the result of directly applying informational placards on residential recycling. Will the increased and readily available information and instructions lead to higher recycling rates and greater diversion of recyclables from MSW? By applying the treatment to
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