The Waste Of Stone Waste

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Today industry’s disposal of stone waste is one of the environmental problems around the world. Presently in India, about 960 million tonnes of solid waste is being generated annually as by-products during industrial, mining, municipal, agricultural and other process out of this 350 million tonnes are organic waste from agricultural sources; 290 million tonnes are inorganic waste of industrial and mining sectors and 4.5 million tonnes are hazardous in nature. In India, stone dust is settled by sedimentation and then dumped away which results in environmental pollution, in addition to forming dust into summer and threatening both agricultural and public health. So it is necessary to use this stone waste in various industries especially the construction, agriculture, glass and paper industries would help to protect the environment as this stone waste is used in any manner also incorporation of this stone waste is economical also as it replaces the costly ingredients like aggregates in concrete and comes almost free of cost.
In India, today the population has crossed 1 billion and houses available are a mere nearly 185 million. Further, the migration of rural families to urban areas abandoning their houses in villages and settling in cities has made the problem of housing much more severe. Conventional construction materials namely bricks, tiles, cement, lime, timber etc. will fall considerably short of their demand despite improved
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