The Waste Problem Of America

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America disposes millions of dollars in unsold and out of date food yearly. In fact, four billion tons of food is produced annually, and on average $165 billion of that is wasted (Frasz). Between grocery stores, restaurants, and personal households this total can add up rapidly. Society frequently complains about the unemployed, sick, and poor not having ends meet. However, Americans often contradict themselves by allowing this process of waste to continue daily. These wasted products could be beneficial in numerous ways. For example, donating to charity, food banks, or farmers for animal feed and compost are just a few ideas we could consider other than just throwing our leftovers out. Other countries, such as France are finally starting to counteract against this worldwide situation and the United States should follow in line. America should be implementing techniques to solve this excessive waste problem before the issue becomes out hand. Food waste occurs 24/7, but many do not even realize it. We have all seen the grocery store managers pulling out of date supplies off the shelf, kids throwing half of their dinner in the garbage, or the fast-food employees throwing away anything ten minutes "past its prime." This process of wasting food continues to add up daily worldwide. Statistics show that with the two billion tons of food that is wasted annually, over 30 billion homeless American 's could be fed and each empty stomach in Africa could become full (Smith). In

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