The Watchers: A Narrative Analysis

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Protect those who cannot protect themselves The walls were a boring gray color; there were no windows that she knew of. Though there were no windows she could feel the cold touch her skin. The ground was an uncomfortable place to lie but it was all there was. In her 23 years of life she didn’t expect to ever feel such a horrible thing. The back of her head still ached from where they had smashed the butt of a gun. She’s been awake for maybe 2 hours and no one has come to kill her. After all she is one of the most wanted Elementai in the five sectors. She wouldn’t be surprised if it was Crawford himself. After all he does hate her guts after all those times she escaped him. She smirks at the thought of him throwing a tantrum after she escaped…show more content…
The first ever Elementai sighting was recorded during The Attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. They control one of the four elements. Them being Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. They are born with the mutation that has been passed down since the 1900s. They’re not very different from the humans other than the fact we can control an element. Day by day we are becoming extinct because of The Watchers. The Watchers are hunters specifically for Elementai. They hunt them down to either experiment on them or kill them. It’s usually the latter. Ever since the world went to shit in 2098 the government has been after us. Elementai are considered dangerous and out of control. The truth is…they are scared of them because they know they can do so many better things than they…show more content…
After all this should be the greatest day of your life,” she said. He looked at her like she was the scum of the earth. Which she probably was, being an Elementai and all. Behind him stood two men with guns most likely filled with Brozotin. “Sorry for leaving you waiting, I was off looking for that pathetic family of yours. Though I guess it will have to do with you,” Crawford stated. “My family? You won’t ever find my family. They’re hiding somewhere you would never look. Remember your problem is with me not them,” Lyanna says to Crawford. She was protective of her family. If it meant she would die for her family then she would. “You are correct. Now I have good news and bad news. I would let you choose but I don’t care. The good news is that you have your choices. You either choose to die or you fight to survive,” she was going to choose to fight to survive, “the bad news is, you don’t get to choose. Because of all those times you escaped the Watchers, you are sentenced to death,” he said with a smirk on his face. Her life had come screeching to a
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