The Water And Ecological Human Imprint ( Ehi )

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RESULTS 1) Trends in Water Use In USA 1960-2012 and Ecological Human Imprint (EHI) The water resources data in USA has been collected from US Geological Survey, FAO, and NOAA. The data showed that US renewable freshwater every year is 3069 billion m3 of fresh water per year and this is translated to 16986.7 m3 per capita in year 1960 and 9703.8 m3 per capita in year 2012. This trend shows that the per capita of fresh water availability is declining and the consumption is increasing (Figure 3). Further Figure (4) shows the relationship between freshwater withdrawal, and human population during the years. This figure shows that the continuous increase in withdrawal of freshwater annually with the increasing the US human population. This implies the per capita declining of water availability and scarcity of water resources for the new generations. Furthermore, the Figure (5) shows that declining in human water renewable freshwater resources per capita and the withdrawal of freshwater resources per capita. For example per capita renewable freshwater resources in year 1960 was 16986 m3 and became in year 2010 was 9921 m3 with a declining is about 42% in 50 years. However the increasing of usage or withdrawal of freshwater is from 1494 m3 in year 1960 – to reach 1798 m3 in 2010 with increasing of 31% in 50 years as shown in Figure (6). Further, the water availability for US human population is declining from 6863 m3 of water per capita in year 1960 to reach 4008 m3 per capita in

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