The Water And Hydrologic Cycle

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The Water and Hydrologic Cycle As we understand it today we know that water is a vital resource and it is one of the most important substances on earth for all species, plants and animals. All species, plants and animals must have water to survive to sustain life. It is noted that if there is no water on earth then there would be no life forms on earth either. Water is also essential for the healthy growth of all farm crops and farm stock in the manufacture of many products for environmental growth. Apart from drinking water to survive, humans have many other uses for water. These include: cooking, washing their bodies, washing clothes, washing cooking and eating utensils; such as billies, saucepans, crockery and cutlery, keeping houses and communities clean, recreation; such as swimming pools and keeping plants alive in gardens and parks. It is most important that the water which humans drink and use for other purposes is considered as clean water. This means that the water we drink must be free of germs and chemicals and be clear (not cloudy). There are many vital resources of water as well that are needed to sustain life on earth, but for this essay we will only take a look at three, Rain Water, Surface Water and Underground Water. Rain Water: Is Water that is collected on the earth in the form of surface water and underground water. Surface Water: The water present on the surface of the earth in the form of oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds and streams is

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