The Water Landslide Research Paper

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The Water Slide Slip Have you ever made a bad decision? Chances are, YOU HAVE! Maybe spilled something on the floor and not cleaned it up, or deciding to kick your cousin in the face for not leaving the elevator… Anyway, my decision in this story has nothing to do with the second one. But it is a VERY BAD CHOICE, with a VERY, VERY BAD consequence! It is the time when I left my spilt water on the floor, and my uncle suffered! Uh oh….. It was getting late, the sky was dimming, and the fridge and blender were calling my name! That’s right, SNACK TIME!!! I ran out of my room, through the hall, and took a sharp right turn into the kitchen! As fast as lighting I grabbed my vitamin water out of the fridge, grabbed a cup filled with ice, and tossed
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