The Water Of Bottled Water Essay

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The media would have you believe that bottled water is healthier than normal tap water, but is this true? There is a lot of conflicting information, I would like to clear up that confusion and give you some clarity on the truth. There has been some speculation that the extraction of water for the production of bottled water may be contributing to the drought in California. Below is a map from Mother Jones. They created this illustration using the location of bottled water companies such as Dasani, Aquafina, Crystal Geyser, and Arrowhead. They overlaid that data on the current U.S. Drought Monitor, the measurement of the drought all over the country. This chart shows that the use of water may be affecting the environment and creating manmade water shortages all over the United States. This could be happening all over the world where water extraction is being performed. The two main ways that water is used for bottling are by means of drilling an aquifer and draining the water with large pumps, while about 45 percent of it is just treated tap water. Map from This map shows the locations of the aquifers within the United States. The locations of the aquifers match the data for the drought locations in the United States. Could extracting the water from the ground be part of the water shortage that the western half of the United States is experiencing? Some research is saying YES!

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